Monday, May 22, 2017

Tweebie's Dream

Hey Tweebies! Last night I had a weird dream. I call it 'Afghanistan School'. So basically what happened in the dream was that my mom had to go to a different school, and couldn't see me until the end of winter. It's weird that they have no winter break there... So, considering I can't live without Mom, I decided to go with her. It was supposedly in a faraway country, but no! It was right near my house, and only took a couple seconds to get there! The school was called 'Afghanistan School of the Arts', even though it wasn't in Afghanistan. It was a mixed elementary-and-university school.We brought my pet cats to school. Normally you wouldn't be able to bring your pets to school! I had to share a locker with a kid named Playcus. What kind of name is Playcus? All my friends from my actual school were in my class, and they were the only ones who spoke English. All the other kids spoke a weird German-Norwegian-Russian mix. Then why is it called Afghanistan School? Also, there was a weird 'class monitor'. At my school there's only lunch monitors and recess supervisors. Now, this 'class monitor' was mean. He punished me just for making mistakes. One time, I sat in the wrong calendar spot and he was like, 'No! Don't do zat!' This class monitor should get fired.. I don't remember the rest, but there was a toy shop inside of the school (Nice way of bribing children.. O-o) and I saw Amazing World of Gumball characters. Well, see you when the sun glows tomorrow!

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