Sunday, July 16, 2017

Tweebie's Gifts

Hey Tweebies! Welcome to a fresh new day. Today I will be talking about all my gifts. First I got some clothes from Kelowna when I went shopping with my grandpa. My favorite article of clothing is my blue polo dress. It looks very cute on me! Unfortunately, I got a BB cream stain on it :(
I also got a Pocahontas doll and a new book called Pottymouth and Stoopid. I think the funniest part of the book is when David aka Stoopid called graham crackers 'grand crappers'. Ha ha ha!
Then, I got a Hatsune Miku hat which looks very cool and a kawaii face squishy. I can't believe I found a squishy! I thought you could only find them in.. what, Japan?? Also I got a Katana minifigure from DC Superhero Girls. That's all for now, Tweebies. See you when the sun glows tomorrow!

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